Education Overview

The IWCF Education Committee strives to increase awareness and understanding of the community’s needs and assets through programs presented for our members and guests.

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In 2016-17 our programs focused on Health, Financial Stability, Philanthropy, and the Environment. Our goal is to increase understanding of community issues and to increase member commitment to informed philanthropy.

Presentations in the 2016-17 IWCF Education Calendar were:

October 14, we arranged the break-out sessions with a variety of expert-led speakers on the topic of Mental Health for the IWCF Fall Symposium at Boise State University with keynote speaker Mariel Hemingway.

November 16 was a presentation by the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare on the topic of Women and Welfare where we learned of the many Idaho assistance programs that require recipients to be working or in an active job training program in order to receive benefits.

January 10 at the BSU Alumni Center gave us an insight into the generational and gender differences that motivate philanthropy.

March 12, we met at the historical Boise Train Deport where we learned about the impact of city parks and green space on community.  Boise Parks are no longer just playgrounds.  The 77 developed parks in Boise create an opportunity for individuals to get outside.

Current Chair:  Sherry Bithell